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Mexican Fighting Goats Headquarters -  Copyright 2003



Idle #woahmg-mfg in IRC

MFG History

Original Founders
Eric, Greg, Josh

MFG was also a clan in:
Red Alert 2
Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge
Command & Conquer Renegade
Probably some other game

Our History

Mexican Fighting Goat's MascotThe Mexican Fighting Goat dates back to...
GRADE 8 (2000/2001) when Eric invented the animal during his class speech. Needless to say, the name caught on, became a clan name in like 2003 for our really old and half-existent DoD retail clan, then we stopped playing for a long time. Greg played for FUBAR and *s/A*, then went to university and was a pubstar. After Eric and Greg convinced everyone to try DoD, it caught on. We played on LAN against bots for fun, then Aaron got addicted to DoD and bought DoD:S, and got addicted to it too. After Kyle's drunken ramblings about forming a DoD clan, we finally got around to it. We aren't good, and we know it kthx.